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The FSSA, in its commitment to helping Hoosiers live in their community of choice and be supported to achieve their vision of an active life of their own design, recognizes the importance of Direct Care Workers. To achieve this commitment, a diverse, stable and well-trained workforce is essential to providing quality person-centered services and supports. The need for direct care workers will only increase as Indiana’s aging population continues to grow and persons with disabilities live more independently, resulting in an increased demand for home- and community-based services.

The Indiana Family and Social Services Administration, in order to achieve the goal of attracting more Direct Care Workers into the industry and retaining these workers, has proposed to give Grants to Home Care agencies to help stabilize workers in the industry.

Disbursement of Grant

Optima Home Services LLC will direct 95% of the grant to the Direct Care worker. Funds will be used for:

Retention Bonuses, Sign-on bonuses, Mileage reimbursement, Payment for transportation to and from work, shift deferential, overtime pay, paid time-off, or monetary compensation for employees who have been with the Agency for a long time, paid family leave for employees who have their babies within the grant period, bereavement pay, other fringe benefits